Written by Claire Arritola

Accounting is a broad subject area. If you talk to any business professional they will tell you that you can do a lot with this degree. With the accounting fair coming up this Friday, a very pertinent question is on the minds of UM’s accounting majors- Tax or audit? If accounting is so broad, then why do these options feel so limiting? When you speak to any recruiter from an accounting firm, this is the first question they will ask. I attended the career fair last year (as a junior) and was able to honestly say that I was unsure. I received varied responses from the recruiters. One said “Oh, you should make a decision.” Another said, “I admire that you say you are unsure, many students arbitrarily choose.” This year, as a senior, I can no longer pull this “I am unsure” thing. So what am I to do? I have spoken to several people about this, professors and professionals in accounting. They all have the same answer- just pick one, and stick with it. It turns out that accounting firms don’t like to see students flounder. So I will go to the accounting fair on Friday and PICK ONE…which one it will be…is still in the air…but I have a couple more days ;-p