We can’t believe how fast these past four years have gone by and if you don’t believe us just wait and see for yourself. With this in mind, upon graduation we would like to leave you with some words of wisdom from Graduating Seniors:

Words to Live By
1. Don’t Stress—No matter how important that test or paper may seem, remember that college is about learning and growth. While it is important to always try your best, don’t worry so much about individual grades, and focus on the journey instead. Things are never really as bad as they seem, so relax.

2. Get Involved—the biggest regret we have in college is not getting involved earlier. Try as many different clubs and organizations out as possible to make yourself well-rounded and use this time as an opportunity to gain experiences and try things you will never be able to again. Also by having more activities and commitments, it will help you out with time management skills in the long run.

3. Get Experience—Internships are a great opportunity to learn more about what it is you really want to do with your life, and are also great for helping build your resume. It gives you a chance to build contacts as well and get an idea of what life may be like after school is finished.

4. Time off for good behavior—if you have the opportunity, take some time off after graduation and relax. You have earned it! Travel, see friends, and figure out what your next step is. It’s ok to take a step back before taking the next few steps forward. Don’t take life too seriously, be proactive but just remember things always work out for a reason.